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Midwest Innkeepers Conference - 2nd Annual

4821 Oak Street
Quincy, IL 62305 United States
Holiday Inn
Monday, November 4, 2019
Event Details

More details coming soon, but here are some teasers for the conference. 

Social Media is where IT is. Are you lost when it comes to doing more than making a post on Facebook? How is your Instagram doing? If you are not on social media you are not playing the game. Which means you are missing out! For the beginners as well as the inns that have been on for years. The games have changed, keep up to date and learn new ways to capture your guests and have them posted for you! 

Tech changes almost daily. From your website analytics to your newsletters and beyond. Broad areas scaled into a few different sectors to help you get a handle on what is new and what to keep an eye on. 

Partnerships (real or not) are changing the way we run our business. Previously paired up with only your CVB and maybe your state association, it is increasingly more important to bond with technology gurus, and social groups, right along with your local businesses in your community. 

Money is the root of it all. It'll break you or make you. You'll learn some dynamic pricing strategies through Yield Management, and how to work it. Let's face it, it is here to stay. Innovation in payment processing through your web site and beyond. The basics of taxation and understanding your position and responsibilities. Insurance, personal liabilities and getting the best deal for what your individual needs are. Let's not forget about getting ready to sell and finally doing it. 

Prevention is the best medicine! What regulations are doing to the future of your business and what you can do about it? ADA is the big elephant in the room. And you very well may not be compliant when you think you are. One of the General sessions starts out with this and there are several break-out sessions focusing more specifically on the different subject matters, and you need to listen to these. They are not going away. What to do when you fall foul of regulation? Grab an attorney or your insurance agent? Your website, your building, inside and out. Let's get you compliant!


Additional Information
Event Contact:
Rob Fulton
Contact Organization:
Association of Independent Hospitality Professionals | AIHP
Contact Description:
Go here to register -- Or text or call Julie Rolsen with any questions at 573-795-3412
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